Our Philosophy

Suddha.Marketing is a business consulting and management company that focuses on using pure marketing methods to increase our client's bottom line. We want to help you portray yourself to your customers using honest, modern, and innovative methods. We are founded on the principle that small business ought to have access to the same marketing tools (if not better) that big business do. We hope to provide you with those tools at affordable prices.

The 21st century customer is different than what most business owners are used to. She is put off by excessive television or magazine advertising, hyperbolic claims, and most of all bullshit. They want businesses who will reach out to them in their domains (web and social media presence) and not use techniques from the early days of the Internet to do so.

Suddha.Marketing will help you achieve your goals in reaching out to a larger audience and we won't ask you to lie, cheat, or "hide the truth" in the process. Our full service consulting includes everything you need to be at the forefront of your industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Suddha.Marketing believes strongly in giving back to the community that has helped us thrive. We have three main programs to help make sure we are doing our part in the community:

1. Pro Bono

We provide pro bono services to nonprofits who have less than $25,000 in revenue. Depending on the situation, we provide hosting, our marketing services, and our consulting services to nonprofits.

2. Pay It Forward Referral

We will give 5% of all revenue from referrals to a charity of your choice. Referrals can come from you or your employee; just make sure anyone who contacts us mentions your company's name!

3. Donations

We have a set portfolio of nonprofits and causes we donate to, often in the form of covering marketing and advertising costs, but also cash donations.

Priten H. Shah


Priten is the Owner and Head Marketing Consultant for Suddha.Marketing LLC. He is a student at Harvard University studying philosophy and South Asian Studies. He loves to see companies grow to meet their true potential and works hard to make that happen. He loves to put his soul into any project he works on, and will sometimes forget who your company belongs to.